Abby Tyler

Position: Head of Immunoassay R&D
Categories: Leadership

Abby is an experienced leader in the field of immunoassay development. Throughout her career, she has developed and overseen the creation of numerous immunoassays, resulting in a deep and comprehensive expertise in the field. Abby’s passion for problem-solving and curiosity has been pivotal in driving her approach to assay development. She excels at tackling complex challenges and applies her analytical thinking skills to develop creative solutions and products.

Prior to joining AOA Dx, Abby led multiplexed immunoassay development projects that became widely utilized research products, making contributions to global health and the advancement of disease understanding. At AOA Dx, she is utilizing her skills to develop AOA’s ovarian cancer diagnostic tests, leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

Abby holds degrees in Chemical and Biological Engineering from Utah State University and University of Colorado at Boulder.