Anna Jeter

Anna is an innovator and a dynamic business leader with a passion for advancing healthcare through world-class diagnostics.​ As the Chief Development Officer of AOA, she is pioneering the development of the groundbreaking GlycoLocateTM platform for early cancer detection by utilizing tumor marker gangliosides and AI to solve some of the most difficult challenges in […]

Alex Fisher

Alex is a passionate and dedicated business leader with a track record of launching UK medical device and diagnostics sales companies. He has​ extensive experience priming markets, launching products and driving early product sales.​ In most recent roles, Alex has been committed to commercializing and launching innovative, disruptive products through his own businesses across European […]

Oriana Papin-Zoghbi

Oriana is a visionary leader in the field of women’s health and diagnostics. Recently honored in Inc’s 2022 Top 100 Female Founders for her work in ovarian cancer diagnosis, Oriana brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise bringing disruptive diagnostics to market and changing the landscape of clinical practice. Oriana is passionate about entrepreneurship and […]