AOA Dx Announces First Patient Enrolled in OVERT Clinical Study Evaluating the AKRIVIS GD™ test for Early Detection of Ovarian Cancer

Boston, MA: AOA Dx, a diagnostic company focused on early detection of cancer, today announced that the first patient has been enrolled in their OVERT (Ovarian Cancer Early Detection Research) clinical trial. The OVERT trial is a multi-center national trial, the first of its kind in a symptomatic U.S. population. AOA Dx is working with world renowned clinicians and healthcare institutions across the US to bring to market the first test for the early detection of ovarian cancer.

This clinical study will evaluate how AOA Dx’s proprietary biomarker technology and lead product, the AKRIVIS GD™ test, will aid in early diagnosis of ovarian cancer and subsequent medical care. To date, AKRIVIS GD has shown promising results by correctly being able to identify ovarian cancer in over 90% of early stage samples and represents a major step in changing early detection of ovarian cancer.

“Studies show that if 75% of ovarian cancer cases could be detected at early-stages, the number of deaths from this disease could be halved. As we take this next step towards clinical validation of the AKRIVIS GD test, we look forward to impacting women’s lives through earlier detection of ovarian cancer. Diagnostic innovation cannot progress without patients that are willing to work with the scientific community, and so we thank all the women that will participate in the OVERT trial” said Oriana Papin-Zoghbi, CEO and co-founder of AOA Dx.

As of today, the majority of ovarian cancer patients in the US are diagnosed at advanced stages. A recent study showed that it takes on average 9 months to diagnose a woman after she begins experiencing symptoms. Over 90% of women report symptoms for many months prior to the diagnosis. The Every Woman Study conducted by the World Ovarian Cancer Coalition estimated that by 2035, incidence of ovarian cancer will increase by 55% and deaths will increase by 67% worldwide. AOA Dx aims to significantly reduce these numbers by bringing the first non-invasive early detection liquid biopsy tool to market.

About AOA Dx Inc.
AOA Dx is pioneering the field of Glycolipids, a new frontier in diagnostics. The proprietary biomarker technology in glycolipids detects early-stage cancer in blood by quantifying circulating gangliosides across multiple cancers and utilizing data science and AI to develop highly accurate diagnostic tests. AOA Dx is focused on women’s health with our first platform product detecting early-stage ovarian cancer, the deadliest gynecological cancer.

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