McGill University’s Clinical Innovation Competition supports the development of Prof. Uri Saragovi’s research on ovarian cancer tumor markers. AOA Dx to lead development and commercialization

AOA Dx is excited to announce that they will be working with Professor Uri Saragovi, Senior Investigator with the Lady Davis Institute at the Jewish General Hospital and Professor at McGill University, to lead the development and commercialization of a simple blood test for quantitative detection of ovarian cancer tumor markers.  Therapy for ovarian cancer, the “silent killer”, is 80% effective, but the five-year survival rate is 9% due to late diagnosis and recurrent disease. Early diagnosis would offer greater opportunity for curative therapy.

In May 2019, Professor Saragovi won the prestigious Hakim Family Innovation Prize at the annual McGill Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences Clinical Innovation Competition (CLIC). The Hakim Family Innovation Prize recognizes new ideas, processes or devices in health care with the potential to have a tangible and meaningful impact on patient care. In addition to the recognition, as a recipient of this prize, Professor Saragovi received a CAD $10,000 monetary award as well as additional professional services and support, valued at CAD $50,000, to help him develop his concept.

The award recognizes several years of research that has culminated in the development of a simple and accurate blood test that can detect ovarian cancer tumor markers with 95% accuracy. The detectable markers are absent in normal or non-cancer pathologies, meaning it would be highly effective in clinical practice.

“This fantastic award accompanies a series of other achievements that Prof. Saragovi has recently achieved and is a testament to the amazing work that he and his team are currently undertaking. We are incredibly proud and grateful for Prof. Saragovi’s commitment to identifying an early-stage diagnostic test, which in time will make a significant difference to so many lives.” says COO, Alex Fisher at AOA Dx.

“I have long admired Dr. Raymond Hakim’s achievements and am honored to receive this prize. We are confident this simple test will have a tangible and meaningful impact on future patients,” says Prof. Saragovi.

To learn more about Prof. Uri Saragovi and the Hakim Family Innovation Prize, click here

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